Reading and Workshop Schedule

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About Tebot Bach

Board of Directors
  • Steven De Salvo Attorney
  • Donna Hilbert M.A. Poet
  • Steve McDonald Poet, Professor Emeritus of English, Palomar College
  • Judith Pacht Poet, teacher
  • Beth Ruscio Poet, actor
  • Cathie Sandstrom Poet, Director of Communication, National Veterans Foundation
  • Alexandra Umlas M.Ed. Cross-cultural Education, MFA Poetry
Advisory Board
Jane Hirshfield, Norman Dubie, Chris Hoff, Keven Bellows, Barbara Demarco-Barrett, Mark Bergendahl, Judith Pacht, Mary Fitzpatrick, Cathie Sandstrom, Priscilla Fernandez, Jackson Wheeler, Roger Fritch, Dr. Lera Baker Smith

Advisory Council for The Reading and Workshop Series
David St. John, Jane Hirshfield, Norman Dubie, Victor Infante, Robert Lanphar, Aaron Roberts, Lea Deschenes, Paul Suntup, Mindy Nettifee, Daniel McGinn,Steve Ramirez

A Brief History of Tebot Bach
In Welsh the name means "little teapot." It was chosen because the teapot is central to the spirit of community life in Wales, a community spirit that infuses the work of Tebot Bach. As a footnote, and of note to an organization about the written and spoken word, the name also has a delightful musicality.

In October 1999, founding board members Mifanwy Kaiser and Mark Bergendahl elected to incorporate Orange County’s first nonprofit public benefit corporation dedicated to the support and promotion of strong community, literacy and personal growth through the art of poetry. Since its beginning, Tebot Bach has gained regional and national recognition as a publisher, as the producer of a poetry reading and writing series, and as the host of a poetry workshop series.

The Tebot Bach Mission
The mission of Tebot Bach is to strengthen community, to promote literacy, and to broaden the audience for poetry by Community Outreach Programs and Publishing and to demonstrate the power of poetry to transform one's life experiences through readings, workshops, and publications.

Tebot Bach Programs
A poetry reading and writing workshop series for venues impacting underserved populations, such as homeless shelters, battered women’s shelters, nursing homes, senior citizen daycare centers, hospitals, AIDS hospices, and correctional facilities. Participating poet/teachers have included John Balaban, M.L. Liebler, Patricia Smith, Dorianne Laux, Laurence Lieberman, Richard Jones, Arthur Sze, and Carol Moldaw, Brendan Constantine, and Cecilia Woloch.
A poetry reading and writing workshop series for the community in Orange County, Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Southern California at large, held primarily at Golden West College in Huntington Beach. These events feature locally, nationally, and internationally known poets, including award-winning writers such as David St. John, Charles Webb, Wanda Coleman, Amy Gerstler, Holly Prado, Dorothy Barresi, Tom Lux, Rebecca Seiferle, Suzanne Lummis, Michael Datcher, B.H. Fairchild, Cecilia Woloch, Chris Abani, Sam Hamill, David Lehman, and Mark Doty.
A small press giving locally and nationally known poets a venue for publishing and distribution. Spillway is a twice-yearly journal containing poetry, essays on the craft of poetry, and book reviews. An annual California Anthology features the work of poets affiliated with the state. Tebot Bach also publishes two web journals, Southern California Poetix ( and Speechless (

Publishing two to three volumes by individual authors each year. Past titles have included The Way In by Robin Chapman (winner of the Council of Wisconsin Writer’s 1999 Book-Length Poetry Award); Written in Rain:  New and Selected Poems 1985 – 2000 by M. L. Liebler (winner of the Wayne State University Board of Governors Award and included among the finalists for the Paterson Poetry Prize); Body Bach by Marjorie Becker; Cantatas by Jeanette Clough; Whatever Lasts In Winter Lasts by Michael Clifton; Hungry Women by Katya Giritsky; and Voices to Come Home To: Poems from the Hearts of the Homeless.