Reading and Workshop Schedule

Writing in the New Now

Further Instructions Will Be Sent To Registrants

An all day Workshop with Richard Garcia for Tebot Bach Sunday June 25th, 2017, 9 to 4:30 in Huntington Beach

Check or money order made out to Tebot Bach and mailed to:

Mifanwy Kaiser
PO Box 7887
Huntington Beach, CA. 92615-7887

Workshop Description

After a light breakfast, we will do a bit of intro and launch into a couple of new writing exercises I have put together recently. Something fun, and we hope, as usual, we will surprise ourselves with new drafts.

We will read and discuss a couple of new and exciting poets. This will be followed by a brown bag lunch.

After lunch—a brief discussion of docu-poetics and a reading of poems from Tyehimba Jess’s award winning book, Olio. We will look at his technique of the contrapuntal poem, and even a contrapuntal, conjoined sonnet in a form he calls the syncopated poem.

We will do a speed workshop critique of one of your new drafts, a poem not longer than a page. Bring enough copies for everyone.

Recommending reading: Olio by Tyehimba Jess. This book is huge and complicated and you are not expected to have read the whole book yet.

Suggested reading: recent poems on line by RG. We will have a brief discussion on writing in the New Now.

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