Kim Hamilton

Calling Through Water
Kim Hamilton

Calling Through Water is the seasoned work of a multi-faceted, humane and gifted poet, endowed with refinement of intellect and an artist’s eye that burnishes and transforms what it sees. In her brief for nature against the “race to drain you of your wilderness,” her reach goes far beyond the single self; like the swimmers whose “arms cut the lake into a thousand mirrors,” these poems, in multiple voices and visions, reflect the radiance in things. ”
— Eleanor Wilner

“Each Kim Hamilton poem is like a shimmering lyric magnet that “hold[s] the world/in place.” Calling Through Water pulls together tender commands, intimate invitations, and lucid images to consider the “flail and song” of our lexicon, how we hold it and how it holds us. These poems make room for a different kind of speed, a slowness that leans into the hesitations where awareness breaks open. ”
— Mary Szybist

“This is a book of poetry that looks at all the world, whether out of the way or iconic places, with reverence. The resulting poems are facets of what we might see by turning a metaphysical kaleidoscope as light breaks and renews itself. The geographical movement is coupled with the enchanting chorus of voices the poet has summoned, to sing of where we are, and how recognizing our togetherness, is the way we belong. Nothing in this book is lightly handled, but the poet is bound to shine a light on hope. ”
— Maurice Manning

Calling Through Water
ISBN: 9781939678713
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