Tebot Bach Publications


Spillway is an annual journal containing poetry, essays on the craft of poetry, and book reviews. Susan Terris was editor from 2010 to 2017; Marsha de la O and Phil Taggart co-edited from 2018 to 2020. Lynne Thompson, Reviews and Essays Editor since 2012, will co-edit the 2021 issue with Patricia Smith. Spillway is currently listed by Clifford Garstang as 19th among hundreds of American literary magazines publishing poetry. Issue 30 is delayed until 2023.

Tebot Bach also published two web journals, Southern California Poetix and Speechless.


Tebot Bach publishes two to three volumes by individual authors each year. Titles include The Way In by Robin Chapman (winner of the Council of Wisconsin Writers’ 1999 Book-Length Poetry Award); Written in Rain: New and Selected Poems 1985–2000, by M. L. Liebler, winner of the Wayne State University Board of Governors Award and included among the finalists for the Paterson Poetry Prize; Summer Hunger, by Judith Pacht, winner of the 2011 Pen Southwest Poetry Award; Body Bach by Marjorie Becker; Cantatas by Jeanette Clough; Whatever Lasts In Winter by Michael Clifton; Hungry Women by Katya Giritsky; and Voices to Come Home To: Poems from the Hearts of the Homeless.

Translation Series

Edited by David St. John and Christopher Merrill, director of The International Writing Program at The University of Iowa, the Tebot Bach Translation Series publishes collections of contemporary poetry written by some of the most renowned international poets in the finest translations available.

The Ash Tree

An imprint of Tebot Bach founded and edited by David St. John, The Ash Tree Poetry Series offers the finest poetry written by contemporary California poets associated with Fresno and its long tradition of exceptional writers.